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A bioscience company dedicated to improving glycemic health and healthy aging
Pioneering research on glyoxalase 1 inducers and AGEomics

Our Flagship Products and Services

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Glo1 inducer

Our team optimized dietary supplements to increase the expression of a specific gene, Glyoxalase 1 (Glo1). trans-Resveratrol and hesperetin in combination – Glo1 inducer, decreased methylglyoxal and related protein glycation, improved blood glucose and corrected insulin resistance. We validated it in clinical trial as safe and effective.  We patented Glo1 inducer and offer it as the optimum food supplement to improve glycemic health and support healthy aging.

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Protein glycation “AGEomics”

Our team pioneered the assay of protein modifications by glycation, oxidation and nitration, quantifying over 20 different modifications and 21 unmodified amino acids precursors concurrently using stable isotope dilution analysis liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). This is now the gold standard analytical platform. It supports assay of methylglyoxal-derived protein glycation targeted by Glo1 inducer and many other therapeutics applications.

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Partnering and consultancy

We uniquely hold patents on Glo1 inducer technology, experimental and clinical evaluation data and related know-how. We welcome opportunities to partner the development of Glo1 inducers to widen increased availability to the extraordinary health benefits.

Glocentrica vision

At Glocentrica Ltd, we encourage innovation, technical expertise, collaboration and partnering in discovery, validation and commercial development. We achieve success by acting with integrity, transparency and dedication. Our vision is to improve global glycemic health and healthy aging to enhance the quality of all human lives.