Methylglyoxal (MG) is a reactive protein-modifying metabolite formed from early-stage glucose metabolism. The normal levels are kept low by onward metabolism of MG by the enzyme glyoxalase 1 (Glo1) of the metabolic pathway called the glyoxalase system.

A diagram of a glycoholic system

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With frequent consumption of simple sugars and hyperglycemia associated with insulin resistance and diabetes, the concentration of MG increases. There is consequent increased modification of proteins which thereby become unfolded. MG-modified proteins accumulate and activate the unfolded protein response (UPR) – a system that provides for surveillance of the quality of cell proteins, protein refolding, protein degradation and inflammatory responses. UPR activation is linked to decline of health – particularly the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. MG levels increase in overweight and obese subjects, patients with diabetes and aging, increasing 100% or more. Other causes of increased MG are over-nutrition – particularly regular consumption of foods and beverages enriched in simple sugars, and several disease states – such as kidney disease. Healthy aging and prevention of the development of type 2 diabetes are vital areas of focus in the research community for improved health. A strategy to achieve this is to counter increased levels of MG. Glocentrica scientists reasoned that the optimum and effective way to achieve this is to increase expression of Glo1. In 2016, they reported the outcome of a study to optimize a food supplement for induction of Glo1 expression – or “Glo1 inducer”, and the evaluation of this in clinical trial for effect on insulin resistance in overweight and obese subjects. The optimum formulation of Glo1 inducer is trans-resveratrol and hesperetin (tRES+HESP) which increased Glo1 expression and, given once daily by oral capsule for 8 weeks, corrected insulin resistance, improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood glucose levels to levels of healthy normal weight people. The potency is achieved through the two-compound combination working together synergistically.


Glo1 inducer tRES+HESP is highly tolerated, safe and effective.


Glocentrica Ltd is the world leader in the emerging Glo1 inducer supplements space and holds a patent for tRES+HESP in the USA and Europe. It is currently seeking partnerships with food supplement companies to bring tRES+HESP to the global market.


Glo1 inducer tRES-HESP is effective in humans, decreasing fasting blood glucose, correcting insulin resistance and decreasing vascular inflammation. It reached these significant clinical endpoints in the Healthy Aging Through Functional Food (HATFF) clinical trial ( identifier NCT02095873)